Hi friends,

Ankit Kumar Yadav

I am Ankit Kumar yadav. I have been blogging on Lifeupgrad.in since December 2020 . My biggest motive behind every single post is to provide some valuable content to your readers. And with your cooperation, I also get a lot of success in this work.

Why did I create this blog?

to help people. It is not difficult to understand how useful the Internet can be for anyone, but sadly, very little content is available on the Internet in our national language Hindi. I am trying to reduce the same gap from my level. And I have also made a request to all of you for this work.
To put your energy in the right place.


I have done my studies from droan college of Nursing, Rudrapur, BSc Nursing.

And at the same time I have done computer studies through internet by watching some videos on YouTube.

Why do I use Hinglish?

Because today it is the most spoken language in India. If I only use pure Hindi, I believe that it will not be fun to read.
People may want to study in Hindi but search does more in English. By using English, my articles are able to come up in search result.

My hobbies:

Reading Books ( “You Can Win” is my favourite motivational book)

Contact Me @:

City: Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, India

Email: [email protected]

official – Email address :
[email protected]

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